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FSU Instructors: Prepare for Test Administration

Important: Please see Proctored Testing Updates for the most current information about proctored testing during the university closure.

These instructions assume you have already scheduled your exams with us.

Make sure that you, your students, and your exams are ready for your upcoming testing window.

Important: Please see our policy updates and reminders for 2020, including online proctoring, makeup exams, and registration windows.

Two weeks before the exam:

In addition to suggested syllabus language that provides important informational links and course exam policies, add a link for your main campus students to our signup tool in your course site or otherwise provide it to students so they can register for scheduled exam slots. Exam registration appointments normally become available by close of business on the Monday two weeks prior to the exam's start date. Along with the link, include test dates, seating time windows, and the testing center location. For your remote students, remind them to make testing arrangements with their designated proctor.

One week before the exam (at latest):

Make an error-free version of your exam available to the Testing Center.

  • Exams that are late or that contain substantial errors will likely result in shorter examination windows for your students, many of whom will have already registered for exam slots.
  • For exams built in and delivered via Canvas, Testing Center administrators will check settings and reset attempts when necessary. To facilitate test administration, we'll change the exam password (which should not be shared with parties outside FSU) or apply IP filter settings when possible. Important: Testing Center staff cannot access or make corrections to third-party exams accessed via Canvas, such as Pearson exams.
  • For fully online courses only, if you choose to have students take a paper-and-pencil test, upload the test as a PDF using the Request for Services tool. See these tips for a smoother experience with paper and pencil.

During the exam window:

  • During the entire exam window, we ask that you be accessible via telephone. Anticipate and be prepared to deal with delays or student problems during exams, including complaints about test content, scores, testing policies, or rules; late students who miss the test window; and any special test conditions.
  • Instructors who need to schedule makeup exams for students with excused absences should contact us at to request makeup times. Whenever possible, makeups will be scheduled the Monday and Tuesday following the exam window. Please note that due to testing center traffic or unforeseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee that makeup appointments will be available, so instructors may have to make other proctoring arrangements in these cases. Students who contact us directly about makeups (including missed appointments or failure/inability to sign up during the testing window) are referred to their instructor’s published course policy for guidance. Our suggested syllabus language can help students better understand their responsibilities.
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  • 18-Mar-2020