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Testing Center Rules

If you are an FSU student and your instructor has directed you to complete your exam off-campus using Honorlock, please see Testing Rules for Honorlock Exams.

The Testing Center is doing everything possible to keep you safe during your testing experience. We have limited our seating capacity to give you distance from other testers. Each testing station is sanitized immediately after use per EPA guidelines, and common areas are sanitized frequently. Hand sanitizer is also available during registration and special signs have been created to promote social distancing.

Before entering our facility, please note the following:

  1. You must schedule a testing appointment. All testers must schedule their exams in advance using our Exam Registration system.
  2. You must bring the appropriate form of identification.
    • FSU affiliates must bring their FSUCard. FSU faculty, staff, and students can obtain an FSUCard completely online if they don’t have one already. Note: Proctors may ask you to provide another form of identification if the photo on your FSUCard is indiscernible or if another form of ID is required for the specific test you are taking.
    • All others must bring a government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID.
  3. You must ensure to have the appropriate payment method.
    • FSU affiliates can pay with FSUCash. FSU faculty, staff, and students can add funds to their FSUCash account to pay the exam fees at the Testing Center on the exam day. FSUCard holders can download the eAccounts app or visit to load FSUCash with a debit or credit card.
    • All others must pay online through our RegisterBlast system with a debit or credit card in advance.
  4. Make certain to bring your own pen/pencil, calculator, and any testing materials permitted by your instructor, institution, or test sponsor. We will provide you with scratch paper when permitted by your instructor or the test sponsor.
  5. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, and be sure you received your test registration confirmation message.
    • If you are late for your appointment or did not successfully register for an appointment and receive a confirmation message, we cannot guarantee admission into our facility.
    • Nor can we guarantee that you will be able to immediately reschedule your appointment if all registration slots are full.
  6. Cell phones and all other electronics must be turned completely OFF during your entire test. If your cell phone, smart watch, or any other electronic device is turned on or makes any noise in the testing room—including vibrating, beeping, or ringing—your test will be terminated, you will be dismissed from the facility, and your test sponsor will be notified.
  7. We do not allow the following items in the testing room:
    • Bottled drinks or food of any kind. You must empty any bottles (including water) prior to entering the testing room.
    • Skateboards and hoverboards. We do not have a secure place to store your skateboard or hoverboard inside. Spaces may be available on the small skateboard rack outside of our facility, but we cannot guarantee this.
    • Headwear cannot be worn inside the testing room, though some exceptions apply:
      • Headscarves and headbands are permitted except as described below, but hoodies, ball caps, and any other headwear must be removed.
      • For CLEP and TEAS testers: Because these tests are externally sponsored, we must abide by specific requirements. CLEP and TEAS prohibit testers from having any headwear unless worn for religious reasons. For these tests, if your headwear is not shown on your photo ID, we cannot allow you to wear it into the testing room. We encourage you to contact the test sponsor directly with any concerns over their headwear policy.
    • We recommend you keep any unneeded belongings locked in your vehicle or home, but you are permitted to bring personal items into the testing room.
      • Personal belongings must be kept out of sight during your exam.
      • You may place any personal belongings in your pocket, purse, bag, or backpack.
      • To avoid a tripping hazard, keep your personal belongings under your seat or in a vacant seat beside you.
      • Upon exit, collect your personal belongings and discard any paper-based testing materials into the recycling bin.
    • We do not allow the following behaviors in the testing room or while your test is in progress:
      • Internet browsing, use of unauthorized materials, or communication with anyone other than testing staff. These behaviors are treated with high suspicion and may result in the termination of your exam.
      • Being disrespectful or disruptive to others, especially in the testing room.
    • We *do* allow restroom breaks! Unless your test sponsor specifically prohibits them, you will be permitted to take restroom breaks during your exam. You will be required to empty your pockets into a secured area before and after your break. Elapsed time will be documented, but we cannot extend your allotted test time for restroom breaks.

Please keep in mind:

  • To ensure the academic integrity and security of the tests we proctor, we use a variety of proctoring approaches. This includes real-time, high-definition video surveillance at all times. All camera footage is recorded and may be reviewed by testing center staff if any suspicious behavior occurs. On-the-floor proctors are highly trained and are continually in view of testers, their screens, and their desks.
  • Please do not attempt to cheat on your test or behave inappropriately. Cheating, use of unpermitted test materials, or disruptive behavior may result in dismissal from the facility. If you are an FSU student, any concerning behaviors may also be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for further action or reported as an Academic Honor Policy violation.
  • FSU Assessment & Testing is not responsible for unattended, misplaced, or stolen items. Please do not leave items unattended in our testing lobby. Recovered items such as umbrellas will be kept for up to two weeks and entrusted to Central Lost & Found.
  • We are here to help! If we can assist you in any way during your testing experience, please let us know. For suggestions or concerns, you are welcome to speak with the nearest supervisor while in our testing facility, call 850-644-3017, or email us at [email protected]. We are eager to improve our services!
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