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Modern Language Placement (MLP) Exams

The modern language placement (MLP) exams for FSU students are administered in Canvas, with in-person proctoring in the FSU main campus Testing Center or Honorlock online proctoring services. Exams are offered for the French, German, and Spanish languages.

How to take a MLP exam

  • First time taking a MLP exam?: Email [email protected] to request enrollment in the Modern Language Placement Exams Canvas site. After you are enrolled, you will receive an email with further instructions. No cost is required.
  • Retaking the same MLP exam?: Email [email protected] to request a new attempt. Note that there is a 60-day waiting period for retakes that may delay this process. After the new attempt is created, you will receive an email with further instructions. No cost is required.

Before taking a MLP exam

In order to avoid being flagged for a violation of the FSU Academic Honor Policy be sure to disable Google Chrome's automatic translation feature as described in this article .

After taking a MLP exam

  • Each exam is scored differently. You can find information about how to interpret your score on the exam instructions page in Canvas. If you have additional questions, we suggest you contact an advisor from Modern Languages (850-644-3727 or [email protected]).
  • If you do not receive the score you wanted the first time, please know that you can retake the same subject after 60 days, free of charge.

Extended Time Accommodations:

If you are eligible and approved by the Office of Accessibility Services for a time accommodation, please send us your accommodation letter via email at [email protected]or bring a hard-copy of the letter on the exam day to make the time adjustments prior to starting your test.

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