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Certiport Examinations for Industry Certifications

General information

Certiport partners with software providers like Microsoft and Adobe to streamline the administration of industry certifications that offer a credible, third-party assessment of a person's skills and knowledge of a given subject or software.

  • We are currently proctoring all exams for the Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Professional, and Information Technology specialist programs.
  • Most of the exams are 45-50 minutes long and consist of multiple-choice questions and/or several tasks/projects to complete within the software.
  • These exams are open and available to all FSU faculty, students, and staff as well as to members of the Tallahassee community.
  • Visit Certiport's website for information about their specific tests, learning materials, practice exams, and policies and procedures before you register for an exam.

We recommend that you review Certiport's tutorial for your selected exam in advance. The tutorial is also presented at the beginning of each exam and does not subtract from exam time.

If you require accommodation for a disability, please see Certiport's information page. If you receive an accommodation from Certiport for extra time, you can take the exam at the FSU Testing Center. Other accommodations may be handled differently. Be sure to let us know at [email protected] as soon as you have an approved accommodation request so we can plan accordingly.

Registration and payment

When you know which exam you wish to take, you will need to register and pay for the exam on both Certiport's website and the FSU Testing Center's website:

  1. Navigate to Certiport's registration page to create a profile. Then, you must create a separate account to purchase the exam voucher on the Shop Certiport website.
  2. Next, navigate to the FSU Testing Center's Exam Registration system to select a date and time for your exam.
    • Upon arrival, FSU testers must pay an administration fee of $12.00, payable by FSUCash only.
    • For non-FSU testers, an administration fee of $15.50 must be made online through FSU's licensed RegisterBlast system.
    • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

After registration

  • Follow the rules: You are required to follow our Testing Center Rules and Certiport's exam policies.
  • Bring identification: On the day you take your test, you must bring one valid government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. It must bear the candidate's full name, photograph, and signature.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud account: Test candidates wishing to take any exam of the Adobe software suite must have an active Adobe Creative Cloud account and bring their login credentials on the exam day.
  • Score reports: You will see your score report immediately upon exam completion. The official certificate can be printed from your Certiport profile, under My Transcript. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of official certificates sent by mail.
  • Retakes: Retake policies may vary per exam program. Visit Certiport's retake policies website for the specific exam you wish to retake.

Please address any questions about exam content or score reporting to Certiport. Proctors may answer questions regarding the functionality of the exam software but may not answer questions or provide instructions related to the exam content.

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