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Honorlock Resources for Instructors

Students: If your instructor is delivering exams through Honorlock, please see our Honorlock Resources for Students.

If you have been unable to replace proctored exams with alternative assessment strategies, you may wish to use Honorlock to help maintain academic integrity for your exams in Canvas. Online proctoring provides an alternative to testing in a proctored testing facility. Honorlock's online proctoring service provides a way of assessing students while they are taking courses remotely. The service is  offered at no cost to students. Exam sessions are recorded and flagged for review when potential academic misconduct is detected.

  • Your students will take their exam in Canvas on their own computer via the internet. 
  • Honorlock will verify your students' identity, record their web activity, and provide built-in features like search and destroy, mobile device prevention, and a browser guard to prevent cheating.
  • Instructors are responsible for the academic integrity of exams administered through Honorlock. Exam recordings need to be monitored and reviewed for academic misconduct.
  • We recommend including the following syllabus text when choosing to use Honorlock in your course.

System requirements

These Honorlock system requirements apply to your students as well:

  • A laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet)
  • A stable and reliable Internet connection
  • Google Chrome browser (make sure you have third party cookies enabled)
  • One-time installation of a Chrome browser extension (The system will guide you through this simple step, and you can remove it after use by following these instructions.)
  • For students taking exams only: A webcam and microphone. (Most laptops have these built in.)


Live webinars

Recorded webinars

Honorlock setup instructions

Important: Do not enter or modify the code that Honorlock places in the Canvas "Access Code" box. This is automatically populated by Honorlock and is used to control access to the exam by the automated proctoring system.

  1. You must first make Honorlock visible in your course menu. See this article on editing Canvas course menus.
  2. Create your assessment as a Canvas Quiz as you normally would. (If you need help converting a traditional paper and pencil exam to Canvas, please see information about converting paper exams into Canvas.)
  3. Finally, enable Honorlock for your exam by following Honorlock's Using Honorlock with Canvas tutorial.

Support resources

Viewing exam recordings in Honorlock 

  • All instructors should view the exam recordings directly and check for activity flags that may indicate academic misconduct.
  • See this one-minute video for an overview of the simple process and the View Results Guide for instructions on how to navigate recorded student sessions.


  • We strongly recommend creating a practice exam for you and your students to pilot before administering your first graded exam.
  • Please urge your students to check their system and Internet connection in advance per the information on our student resource, and to always use the Honorlock chat tool for support during exams.
  • Please be crystal clear about your exam rules in the Honorlock instructions for students and proctors boxes. To help you with this, we have made a Testing Rules for Honorlock Exams article that you can copy/paste into your instructions or link out to. Note: We have encountered instances where text pasted from Word into these boxes creates problems because of the HTML code word uses. If you are going to compose these notes outside Honorlock and past them in, please use a plain-text tool like Notepad.
  • When adjusting your Honorlock settings, be mindful of the Student Guidelines portion, which will clarify any test-specific rules in force for your exam. For instance, if your students are having issues finding a quiet, private room to take their exam, you could allow them to take your exam in a public area and to allow background noise by selecting these options:
  • For questions about information security and privacy, see the Honorlock Security and Privacy FAQ.