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Testing Rules for Honorlock Exams

Caution: Failing to follow these examination rules may impact your exam grade and course grade. In addition, suspected violations of the FSU Academic Honor Policy are reported for investigation and potential sanction.

Make sure to consult your syllabus and exam instructions for any exceptions or additions to these requirements before beginning your exam.

Before the exam

If you haven't already, be sure to review technical requirements found in our Honorlock Resources for Students article as well as any testing instructions provided by your instructor. Do your best to ensure you have a strong internet connection and note that a webcam and microphone are required. (Most laptops have both built in.)

Ensure an appropriate testing environment by meeting these requirements to the best of your ability:

  • Have sufficient lighting for a clear ID check, room scan, and monitoring during the exam. Overhead lighting is preferred; if not possible, light should not be directly behind you.
  • Take the exam at a desk or table (not a bed or couch).
  • If possible, take the exam alone and in quiet area free of conversations, music, and other noises that may be flagged as intentional interference with proctoring. (No headphones are allowed.)
  • Ensure that your desk or table is clear of any unpermitted items and that walls and desk are clear of writing.
  • Show a very clear, valid and recognizable photo ID.
  • Scan your room 360 degrees, slowly and thoroughly, and include your entire desk area as shown in this video by Honorlock. Note that Honorlock allows you to repeat the room scan as often as needed until it’s acceptable.

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, please double check your exam instructions or contact your instructor for specific guidance before starting your exam. 

During your exam

While taking your test, please keep these requirements in mind:

  • No cell phones, tablets, smart watches, headphones, earbuds, other computers, or any other electronic devices are permitted.
  • For closed note exams: Using your e-book, textbook, or any unapproved materials is not allowed.
  • Remain visible in front of your computer for the duration of the exam. No bathroom breaks are allowed unless expressly permitted by the instructor.
  • Some instructors do not permit the use of scratch paper. Any indication of you writing something down may be treated as suspicious activity in these cases.
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