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Exam Costs

Please find the exams we offer and their associated costs below.  When you are ready to schedule your exam with us, please proceed to our Exam Registration System.

Please note: FSUCard holders can receive a $3.50 discount by paying with FSUCash upon arrival instead of paying online. To receive this discount, be sure to select the "FSU Student Registration" option during exam registration.

Certiport: $110.50+

There are two fees associated with this exam:

  1. *Exam Fee ($95.00+): Before you can take a Certiport exam, you must obtain an exam voucher which you will bring with you to our facility. You can purchase an exam voucher from Certiport’s web shop and print it from home. Please allow up to 2 days for processing.
  2. Proctoring Fee ($15.50)

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP): $105.50+

There are two fees associated with this exam:

  1. *Exam Fee ($90.00+): CollegeBoard charges an $89.00+ exam fee when you register for the CLEP exam on their website. Please be sure to register with CollegeBoard prior to scheduling your exam with us. Certain groups of students are eligible to receive exam waivers. See our CLEP page for more information.
  2. Proctoring Fee ($15.50)

Exams from Other Institutions: $15.50

If you are taking a non-FSU course exam, please contact us at least 1 week before the exam window starts so that we can make necessary arrangements with your institution.

FSU Modern Language Placement Exams: FREE for FSU students

FSU Modern Language Placement exams are free for FSU students with an FSUCard and FSUID login.

Non-FSU test candidates pay a proctoring fee of $15.50.

*Fee amounts are subject to change. You may wish to verify the current amount with your exam provider prior to scheduling your exam.

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